Stabilizing Your Clients – Part 2

Instructor Dr. Stuart Marmorstein


Advanced Kinesiological Wizardry!
Oh, boy! After applying what you’ve learned in Part I, your clients are completely hooked. What to do? Take them further! You will learn how to turn off many more more subtle destabilizers that cause massage clients (and chiropractic patients) to bottom out shortly after having a great bodywork treatment or adjustment. Become the go-to gal or guy who can also use acupoints (no needles, cupping, moxa–just light fingertip pressure!) to help with emotional stress. AND learn to test and correct chronically weak lower body muscles (low back, pelvis and hips, and abdomen).

Your practice will never be the same. Injury Recall Technique will also be covered in this class for those who aren’t taking both classes. This method is a MUST!

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