Stabilizing Your Clients – Part 1

Instructor Dr. Stuart Marmorstein


Learn muscle testing magic!
Your clients come to you for relaxation and relief. What if YOU could be the rare practitioner who can also help them maintain their sense of well-being for a longer time by finding chronically weak muscles and turning them back on? And, what if you could find hidden factors in everyday life that have become anchored to stress responses that turn muscles off?

Are you ready to learn to be the detective who finds the short circuits and correct them…in seconds…with a quick rub of acupressure points? Part 1 will teach you basic one-armed bandit muscle testing, and how to stop muscles from disconnecting from the brain during cell phone usage, sleeping and driving positions, carrying purses and more.

You will also learn how to test and correct upper body muscles (neck, shoulder and TMJ). Will also cover Injury Recall Technique.

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