Workshops by Hugh Bokenkamp

Massage for Exercise and Sport Certification Program

100 CEU  Instructor- Hugh Bofenkamp                     Meets most Wednesdays 9:00-12:30

The 100 hour Massage for Exercise and Sport Certification Program is a comprehensive approach to helping athletes overcome injury, attain peak performance and reach their goals. Participants will learn techniques for pain management, improved recovery and an overall approach to the well-being of competitive athletes. Units 1 and 2 include the necessary skills to proceed on to Units 3-5. Units 3-5 will include detailed anatomy and kinesiology and common athletic complaints and injuries and how to help athletes with those complaints utilizing your new skill set.

Save Your Hands!

8 CEU    Instructor- Hugh Bofenkamp

Nationally acclaimed injury prevention program. NCB and TDSHS approved Continuing Education. If you experience pain and discomfort when performing massage you need this class. This 8 hour class is designed to help you understand the most common injuries to massage therapists, how they frequently occur and how to work to prevent them from happening to you.

Learn hands-on, practical techniques and tips to reduce fatigue and discomfort, prevent musculoskeletal injury, and extend your career. Attendees learn to reduce the physical demands of their work on their own bodies while still providing a thorough hands-on treatment to their clients. These innovative workshops are available for professionals and students.

Combining lecture and discussion with fun, innovative activities and plenty of hands-on practice, the workshops are taught in an informal style that encourages active participation. Attendees come away from the workshop with an excellent overview of ergonomics and injury prevention principles, and a self-care action plan including changes they will make to their practice based on what they have learned.

It’s all About the Pressure 

6 CEU       Instructor- Hugh Bofenkamp

How to satisfy your clients request for pressure while working safely and efficiently!

This introductory class is designed specifically to provide the necessary skill set for the massage therapist to satisfy a client’s need for pressure. After taking the first class the LMT may choose to take more advanced sessions either in private or as a group.

Many therapists have trouble providing adequate pressure for those clients who request ‘deep tissue’ massage. This series of classes is all about satisfying those demanding clients. It is important that therapist perform this type of massage and do so without putting themselves in harms way.

Come and learn how to protect yourself and satisfy your client at the same time. Make more money, feel better at the end of a massage and be pain free.


Post Event Sports Massage  

3-6 CEU  Instructor- Hugh Bofenkamp

This coursework is offered multiple times throughout the year. Typically it is offered just prior to a particular competition. This allows the LMT to utilize their new tool set in a practical setting on real competitive athletes immediately after competition.

If you are going to work the MS150 you need this course. Post-Event massage has very specific applications. If you want to give your riders the best chance at recovery and enhanced performance take this class.

This coursework is typically available as a 3 or 6 hour class. The three hour class, part 1, is is classroom with lecture and hands-on training that will prepare you to work with athletes after competition. The other three hours, part 2, are received after completing a practical application at a designated event coordinated by Mr. Bofenkamp and Certified Sports Massage Therapists.

Massage Tools – Save Your Thumbs

4 CEU   Instructor- Hugh Bofenkamp

Massage Tools: Use them Safely and Effectively – Save Your Thumbs

Do you rely on your fingers and in particular your thumbs to provide ischemic/direct pressure? Do your thumbs, wrists and elbows hurt?

Then this is the perfect class for you. In this class you will learn how to use several tools in place of using fingers and thumbs to apply pressure safely and successfully.

Using tools specifically made for massage therapy is not cheating nor is it unsafe. With the proper instruction and practice any capable massage therapist  can learn to use tools in place of the thumbs and fingers.


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Most classes are held at the Texas School of Massage unless noted otherwise. Address: 17043 El Camino Real, STE 202, Houston, TX 77058