Post Event Sports Massage

 Instructor- Hugh Bofenkamp


This coursework is offered multiple times throughout the year. Typically it is offered just prior to a particular competition. This allows the LMT to utilize their new toolset in a practical setting on real competitive athletes immediately after the competition.

If you are going to work the MS150 you need this course. Post-Event massage has very specific applications. If you want to give your riders the best chance at recovery and enhanced performance take this class.

This coursework is typically available as a 3 or 6 hour class. The three hour class, part 1, is is classroom with lecture and hands-on training that will prepare you to work with athletes after competition. The other three hours, part 2, are received after completing a practical application at a designated event coordinated by Mr. Bofenkamp and Certified Sports Massage Therapists.

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Most classes are held at the Texas School of Massage unless noted otherwise.  Address: 17043 El Camino Real, STE 202, Houston, TX 77058