Chair Massage

Chair Massage (includes on-site)

6 CEU hours

 Instructor-Robert Garza                                                                                                     ALL CLASSES 10am – 4:30pm        

 TBA. Please call for info on next class.

This Chair Massage course is specifically designed for the back, neck, shoulders, the arms, hands and scalp. Seated or Chair Massage is also known as “On Site Chair Massage” .

Overcomes common objections_ Clothing does not need to be removed, ideal for the office, Very Popular Therapy.

Can be carried out in almost any setting from offices to the gym, shopping centers, at all types of events.

Many people use this therapy in offices, ideal because it is administered over clothing and is very effective for people with back and shoulder issues. One can even do Deep Tissue and Trigger Point work with longer sessions.

The massage movements and techniques can be adapted to what is suitable for your client. Furthermore the length of time for treatment is flexible making this more attractive to busy company employees .

Around 10 – 25 minutes is the usual length of time for this type of massage.

You will be shown a 8-10 min and a 15 min sequence used in setting where time is limited because of the number of employees at a Business. You will also be shown how to do a 15 to 30 min, or longer, Chair Massage. Demonstration and lots of hands on practice.

We will go over pricing, techniques used, parts of body to work on, contraindications, proper body mechanics, equipment needed , marketing info, and how to help move people into you bodywork practice.


Cost: $125
$26 discount if registered 1 week in advance.

“To Register:”  Call Robert Garza 832- 356-0814.  I will then send you an email Link where you can pay with Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal

When payment is received you will be emailed Houston Location and other details. (most likely on Richmond close to Hillcroft)

Call Robert Garza 832 356-0814  anytime for more information !  Please leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP!!