Deep Tissue Trigger Point Massage Advanced

6 CEU Hours                             Instructor – Robert Garza

ALL CLASSES 10am – 4:30pm  

 TBA. Please call for info on next class.


We will be going much deeper into the art of Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Work

An overview of the muscles and all related definitions will be discussed during the class. Muscles: Mainly Upper back, shoulder, neck and erector spinae  muscles and some hip, low back muscles.

This class is a continuation of the Beginners Deep Tissue and Trigger Point workshop

Hands on demonstration:
–  Palpation/assessment
–  Over clothes and on the body
–  Power of intention
–  Warming up the tissue & stretching of tissue and muscles
–  Deep tissue work on surface and deeper muscles
–  Incorporating class instructions and your own knowledge
–  Finding Trigger Points and how to work them
–  Using the scale system 1-10

Your goal is to find the areas that need immediate relief of discomfort or chronic pain.  A client might come in with a headache, stress, neck pain, back pain, radiating pain down arm with loss of ROM, tightness of breath or general reduced function of joints. Or “I have this nagging pain somewhere in my back”

In this class you will learn how to access the hidden causes of these symptoms and give some immediate and long lasting relief. You will have a Plan of Action.

You will then be given the Secret Ingredient to having amazing results with Deep Tissue/ Trigger Point work.

Then Practice, Practice, Practice !


Cost:  $125     $15 discount if registered 1 week in advance. (Call for an extra discount if sign up for Beginners also)

“To Register:”  Call Robert Garza 832- 356-0814.  I will then send you an email Link where you can pay with Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal

When payment is received you will be emailed Houston Location and other details. (most likely on Richmond close to Hillcroft)

Call Robert Garza 832 356-0814  anytime for more information ! Please leave a message and I will get back to you ASAP!!

*This Course is a Prerequisite for  Trigger Point and Orthopedic Massage Part I and II