Workshops by Wanda Williams


ADULT LEARNERS, A TEACHER TRAINING COURSE  This 30-hour course will teach you everything you need to know to teach massage as a Continuing Education Provider in Texas. You will be able to teach in any school or even open your own. The class begins on the listed dates and continues on a mutually agreed upon schedule thereafter until the requirement is met. Our online course includes downloaded instruction and assignments as well as about six hours of critique of your practice teaching preparation from the lessons. 30 CEUs $625

BODY MECHANICS    You have been a therapist for a number of years and you’re starting to feel it. I can help you discover how to help yourself not hurt anymore. In my 15th year of practice, I changed my body mechanics and it stopped all of the problems I was causing myself. Now, actively practicing for over 40 years, I can truly say learning the right ways to use body mechanics made the difference in my career. 6 CEUs $125

CARPAL TUNNEL —  Learn what to do to clear carpal tunnel syndrome to help prevent the need for surgery. Remember, most surgeries cause scars, our technique doesn’t.  6 CEUs $125


  Chair massage can be your best PR tool. Learn good body mechanics, what to do and not to do, how to protect your hands from fabric burns, what to look for when buying a chair, successful strokes for the client and you. How to be very effective with the upper body in a 10-minute, 20-minute or 30-minute massage.    COST –  $125

DEEP TISSUE, WITH AND WITHOUT PAIN — Deep tissue doesn’t have to hurt the client or you, but some people expect and want to be hurt. Most want you to go deep to change the underlying muscles. I will teach you both ways and how to know when to use each. You’ll be taught the specifics of good deep tissue massage using neuromuscular techniques and other modalities, as well as good body mechanics for your comfort and longevity. 6 CEUS $125

FEET AND LEGS WITH MEDICAL MASSAGE —   Learn releases for plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, sprained ankles, knee tracking, quadriceps and hamstring, plus medical interaction and insurance codes. 6 CEUs $125

HOT STONE MASSAGE — Learn passive and active techniques, proper placement and ways to massage using stones, where to get the best buys to create your specialized stone kit and a unique system for making your stone massage an unforgettable one. 6 CEUs $125

LYMPH MASSAGE THERAPY —  (Torso & Limbs)  Classes include the anatomy of the lymph system. Two courses are offered for a more effective lymph release, with an overview and details of each body part.  6 CEUS $125, each discipline.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE —   When working on a knee injury, I discovered that while many other modalities helped, the healing held only after myofascial release was applied. Below the fascia is a part of the injury which is usually missed –this class will help you find it.  6 CEUs $125

NEUROMUSCULAR THERAPY ADVANCED BACK —  Learn how to release the back with emphasis on the low back to restore balance. This can stop knee pain, sciatica, shoulder and neck problems.  6 CEUs $125

NEUROMUSCULAR THERAPY ADVANCED NECK — Learn to release problems in the neck caused by accidents, chronic fatigue, whiplash and tingling fingers.  6 CEUs $125

Learn how to repair range-of-motion conditions (especially good for clients with Rheumatoid and other types of arthritis), frozen shoulder and other shoulder injuries. 6 CEUs $125


Help get athletes off to a great start and keep them from locking up or being sore after the race or game ends. 6 CEUs $125

TMJ MASSAGE —  Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunctoin is a major cause of pain in our clients. Yes, it is something you can help with massage. This course teaches you how to address TMJ and make a significant change.  6 CEUs $125

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Location – Classes are held in the Heights community in Houston, TX.