Donna Roller

LMT#035347 MI#3075 CE#1810

MEd, Education
Licensed Massage Therapist, Instructor, CEU Provider

Certified Traditional Naturopath, Loomis Digestive Health Specialist
Certified Instructor, Secrets of Natural WalkingTM
Certified Professional Clinical Aromatherapist
Certified Aroma Acupoint Therapist

Member, Certified Natural Health Professional
Member, Price-Pottenger Foundation

Member Natural Products Association
Member AIA, Alliance of International Aromatherapists


As a massage therapist, I often saw the same issues on my table, week after week.  Looking for more permanent answers for my clients, I chose to study nutrition and naturopathy.  My educational journey brought me into natural health and wellness, where I found the reasons for the underlying causes of many health-related symptoms.

As I began to realize the connection between correct posture and varying degrees of wellness, I learned that we can keep our bodies healthier if our body is in alignment.

I found that we can actually nurture ourselves, connect to our higher power, and continue demanding careers, just by learning a technique called The Secrets of Natural WalkingTM.

Now we are offering this workshop to massage therapists for CEU credit, and sharing these secrets for everyone’s better health.

Check out this website for more complete information, and sign up for a workshop.  You’ll be glad you did!

Donna Roller, MT035347, MI3075, CE1810


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