Karen Koonce-Salyers

Karen Koonce-Salyers MT009454, MI3128, CE1871

Karen Koonce-Salyers    

    Hello, my name is Karen Koonce-Salyers.  I have enjoyed practicing as a licensed massage therapist for over 20 years.  The trainings I have persued  are: reflexology, pregnancy, myofascia release, sports massage, stretching, neuromuscular, myopractic, deep tissue, lympatic drainage.  It has been a wonderful experience to utilize all I have learned and to intuitively apply what is needed for each client in each session.  It has also been a joy to work with a variety of clients over the years; the elderly, people in the workforce, atheletes, post orthopedic rehab, pregnacy, and a variety of sprains, injuries and overuse.   I love learning and feel that we will always be learning and improving more ways and tequniuqes to apply on our clients to better serve them in their therapeutic needs.

    Many of my clients, collegues and freinds have encouraged me to move into teaching what I know to other massage therapists so I have recently pursued my CE teaching certification.  I knew serveral years ago that teaching and helping other therapists to grow would be the next step to take.

I am so thankful to be here and to assisting you in your learning and growth as a massage therapist!


Advanced Massage Therapy, P.L.L.C.                                     www.karenkoonce.comE-mail:                                                 kooncelmt@gmail.com

Mail:   1108 Soldiers Field Dr.,  Suite 400, Sugar Land, Tx  77479           Phone:    713-240-6510


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