Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson

MT034816 MI3493 CE1989

Licensed & practicing since 2003, Margarita has primarily provided at-home service to private clients; & has worked with chiropractic offices over the years, appreciating the knowledge gained through working on a variety of bodies. She also works with Soothe & Zeel as an outcall therapist, hauling her table from place to place; & enjoys periodic spa work, for the experience & the provided provision



Her massage background lies in Swedish; Myofacial Release; Trigger Point; Deep Massage (Lauterstein Method); Orthopedic Assessment; Shiatsu; Zero Balancing (I & II); Dermoneuromodulating; & aquatic therapy. She is currently in the process of becoming a Watsu practitioner.

Margarita has a B.A. in Communications (Media Productions) from the University of Houston (2006), with a minor in Anthropology.

She has practiced “flow arts” since 2005, which greatly helps to support her massage body mechanics; & forms the basis of her Hoopment CE class set. A huge hula-hoop was her first movement teacher; followed by fire poi, fire staff, hand torches, fire fans, & double staffs. The mini-hoops came later.

In 2016, while completing the 250-Hr Advanced Program at The Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage (Austin), she injured her shoulder—just as the Orthopedic Assessment portion of the training started…at assessing the feet. By the time the class addressed shoulder assessment, the pain was chronic; radiating; & recruiting—but, there was nothing wrong with the joint. It was all soft tissue.

Cupping started the process of alleviation; what helped most was gentle movement with a smaller diameter hoop. Within weeks, her shoulder was better—thanks to the hoop work—& she recognized that her whole body felt better.

That motivated her to make hoops for all of her clients; she recognized that they are valuable tools for visually assessing her clients, as well as self-assessing and realized that regular Hoopment practice could help increase self-awareness, thus facilitating better communication of the areas that need to be addressed. Additionally, providing a mini-hoop for every client is an inexpensive way to motivate her clients to move their bodies in ways that most bodies don’t ordinarily move on a daily basis.

Providing mini-hoops for our clients serves as a marketing tool & fosters clients’ appreciation. They feel supported on a different level than just bodywork; through providing a Wellness Partnership, therapists benefit via practicing self-care for themselves as they demonstrate self-care to their clients. Clients who do their part to care for themselves tend to experience more progress during their sessions, as we work together to support their vessels. The experience is more rewarding for both client and therapist—supporting wellness and self-repair, in both the giver and receiver.

After realizing that when she wasn’t sharing mini-hoops with people (she gives them away to folks all over) she didn’t play with them regularly, and her body felt stiff with old recurring cricks showing up. She decided to share movement in her community, offering “Exploring Movement Through Hoopment,” as a way to keep her own body moving, regularly. The volunteer organization she contacted, to offer Hoopment to elder folk as an activity, required “some sort” of instructor license; which motivated her to apply for her Massage Instructor license, in 2018.

The next step was obvious: become a CE provider, & create curriculum that teaches massage therapists how to implement Hoopment in their practices. Margarita is pleased to present The Hoopment Set, providing 12 CE hours, as well as the title of “Hoopment Facilitator for Individuals & Groups.”

Facilitating Hoopment in your community is a wonderful way to put yourself and your business out there, through service. By voluntarily offering Hoopment, you support your own self-care practice; & at the same time have an avenue for indirect marketing…which takes the pressure off of “selling yourself” as an independent therapist building a client base.

In addition, you attract the best sort of clients: those who are ready to take care of themselves, and are seeking out fun/interesting ways to do it. Choosing to take care of one’s self is fundamental to the self-repair process; it changes our nervous systems—our immune systems are better supported when we actively choose to take care of ourselves. Clients who take care of themselves are easier to work on; they are more open to receiving, and willing to follow through with, self-care suggestions.

The Pressure Rainbow, self-published in 2014, is a communication system that helps us better understand the pressure clients perceive on their bodies, and is integrated into the CE class set.

Exploring Movement Through Hoopment, self-published in 2018, is included in the CE class set, in both book and PDF format; and includes the Pressure Rainbow, as a bonus.

CALLING ALL Teachers; Emergency Service Support Providers; Special Needs Support Providers; Elder Care Support Providers; Social Workers & Mental Health Support Providers; Clergy & Spiritual Leaders; and Movement Educators.

Margarita also offers the “Support Series” of 2-hr Hoopment workshops, for individuals who work in community support arenas

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