Stuart C. Marmorstein

We will cover methods you can use to bring the weak muscles back to life right on your massage table. 

“Dr. Stuart” started taking post-graduate classes in Applied Kinesiology during his first semester at the Texas Chiropractic College over forty years ago. This abiding professional interest has led him to focus on practicing, researching and teaching in the cranial and soft tissue reflex areas. Most of the work he does in his private chiropractic practice in Houston, Texas is non-forceful work.

He currently teaches Cranial Low Force Technique (CLFT) to practitioners with doctorate level healing art credentials, and has previously taught the Bio Cranial System and Neuro Cranial Integration, primarily to chiropractors. For more information on CLFT, visit

Many of the therapeutic methods he uses in practice are very suitable for use by the savvy LMT practitioner. He has recently offered classes in basic–and proper–Muscle Response Testing procedures to lay people in classes called, “Kinesiology is for Everyone” (see Dr. Stuart is now offering a much expanded six-hour version of these classes to Licensed Massage Therapists in Texas.

​This second course, covering Isolating the Muscles, will also give the LMT the ability to know precisely which muscles are working and which are not. You will learn how to do excellent resistance muscle testing of most of the muscles in the human body. You can use the information you gain to better care for your own clients, or to provide muscle testing services for other practitioners.  We will cover methods you can use to bring the weak muscles back to life right on your massage table.  Many chiropractors struggle unnecessarily with adjustments that “don’t hold” because of imbalances in muscle strength. You may be able to help them once you’ve taken this class.

Dr. Marmorstein has tremendous respect for the skill and sensitivity and commitment to service demonstrated by the License Massage Therapy community. He would like to see the fruits of his decades of practice and research to be delivered to clients through the hands, intellects and intuition of LMTs who want to distinguish themselves through application of a higher level of knowledge.

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