Workshops by Margarita Navarrete-Hutchinson

The Hoopment Set 12 CE

This 2-day class set is offered in 2 variations: one targeted to table work LMT’s; the other to chair work LMT’s, who provide therapy in corporate environments. Either class may be chosen as the pre-requisite for Teaching Essentials.

The student minimum per class is 4, the maximum is 8; the classes are not offered separately. Included with Teaching Essentials are a book and PDF copies of Exploring Movement Through Hoopment, to assist you with guiding others through the practice of Hoopment. Additional copies may be purchased on

Therapeutic Applications 6 CE

On the first day of class, we make our own hoop set: 4 hoops in different diameters; that guide our bodies to move in different ways, and accommodate different ranges of motion.

Therapists learn how to use their hoops for self-assessment and self-care; how to visually assess their clients’ ranges of motion; how to guide their clients through using them for self-care; how Hoopment supports table & chair massage body mechanics; how Hoopment can be used as a marketing tool: promotional items that are memorable; ice-breakers at networking events; eye-catching fidget spinners that we can play with in any amenable environment, that draw people in…so that we can tell them how Hoopment is a part of our practice, and what we provide to our clients…more than massage…we offer a Wellness Partnership.

Mini-hoops can be inexpensive inventory to sell to clients, or to include in Self-Care kits.

Hoopment For The Office 6 CE

On the first day of class, we make our own hoop set: 4 hoops in different diameters; that guide our bodies to move in different ways, and accommodate different ranges of motion.

It is similar to Therapeutic Applications, regarding self-care and body mechanics; with some variations.

Quick visual assessment applications; small space engagement for folks working in cubicles; how to guide groups of workers through basic stretches, and add “Hoopment at the Office” to your service offerings in corporate settings, as well as “Hoop-Making for HR”—teaching up to 8 HR team members how to make the hoops, and how to guide their co-workers through basic stretches (targeted to office workers), so that the company may easily provide inexpensive self-care tools to all their team members, and/or provide them a designated hoop space.

Teaching Essentials 6 CE

On the 2nd day of class, we hone in on the 5 levels of Hoopment: Finding Our Center; Expanding Into Our Spheres; Moving Through Space Within Our Spheres; Returning to Center; & Engaging More Implements.

This is an active class; each student is asked to honor their own limits and not push themselves beyond where they feel comfortable. It’s okay to sit out and observe. Bring water!

We will also explore the benefits of service through Hoopment; community volunteerism as way to support our own self-care practice, and as a way to engage with our local communities & indirectly (or directly, your choice how much) promote our massage businesses, and attract clients who are already on the self-care path, and are seeking fun ways to engage their bodies.

Hoopment serves as a moving meditation, as well as mindfulness training, in addition to supporting our systems.

Each student will have the opportunity to guide the class through basic Hoopment; and upon completion, will be awarded with a certificate stating you are a “Hoopment Facilitator for Individuals & Groups,” in addition to satisfying the State of Texas Massage CE requirements, in the subjects of Therapist Self-Care & Business Development.

Class Locations – Fusion Acupuncture & Holistic Healthcare,103 E. Janisch Rd., Houston, TX 77022

Classes may also be scheduled, at your convenience, at your location—with a minimum of 5 LMT’s. The therapist hosting the class will receive           50% off their total class price!

Contact Margarita at for more information, to schedule a class at your preferred location, or to reserve your space in an upcoming class.

Returning students receive 5% off their next class